How does A/I/M Leasing + Finance
stand out from other providers?


A/I/M Leasing + Finance is a full-service provider that has been supporting leasing customers for over 20 years with their investment projects in areas such as automotive, aircraft, medical technology, IT hardware and software, machinery and technical equipment.


Our business experts have a clear focus on consulting and implementing leasing solutions for our customers.


In order to overcome major challenges you must be able to count on a reliable business partner. We work independently and in an unbiased manner and are not bound to manufacturers or banks. We prove this to our customers every day.

Our business:
Leasing + Finance

Take advantage of the many possibilities of leasing. Benefit from our experience in the areas of corporate and private leasing. Attractive financing and service concepts open up new economic perspectives.

We offer customised and cross-sector solutions and work neutrally and independently. We are not bound to banks or manufacturers. Our portfolio ranges from machinery and equipment leasing to aircraft leasing. Our clients come from the private and communal sectors.

Success stories.
Those who have ideas, have a future.

Conversion of the Smart Fortwo into a snow plough. This snow plough is lighter, smaller, cheaper and faster than comparable other vehicles.

Customers for these vehicles are municipal cleaners, winter and janitorial services, etc..

We offer this vehicle successfully in leasing.

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